Patient Information

Self-Management Tools

Self-management tools are a way for members to receive personalized information on staying healthy and reducing health risks

BHP currently offers interactive results from the following tools:

  • Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator
  • PHQ-9 Screening for Depression
  • CAGE-AID Assessment for substance use/abuse
  • The Recent Life Changes Questionnaire (RCLQ) for the assessment of stress

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Personalized Outreach Program (POP)

POP is BHP’s NCQA required Complex Case Management program. Care Management staff will assist members with multiple or complex conditions to obtain access to care and services, and coordinate their care.

POP includes the following services.

  • Discuss options and treatment goals
  • Help finding providers for behavioral care services
  • Scheduling assistance for appointments with behavioral care practitioners, if desired.



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POP eligibility is determined by:
  • All members that are triage as a crisis call with licensed BHP staff
  • All members with inpatient mental health admissions
  • By request of a provider, UR staff, Case manager, or other involved party
  • By request of a member
  • Through UR data (treatment plans, clinical information received, etc)
    • All Members with a SPMI or complex diagnosis (MDD, bipolar, psychotic DO, schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder, eating DO, chemical health DO)
    • Recent suicide attempt or suicidal ideation
    To enroll in POP, please utilize the Contact Us section and select Personalized Outreach Program.