Referral Network Providers

Introducing the Network: What and Why

What is the BHP Referral Network?

  • Behavioral Healthcare Providers (BHP) Referral Network drives value for patients by connecting them to outpatient behavioral health resources. This Referral Network is made up of Providers across the Midwest who have an interest in receiving referrals for patients. Patient referrals to resources in this network primarily come from MHealth Fairview Emergency Department, Primary Care Clinics, and other hospitals. BHP is a division of MHealth Fairview.
  • The BHP Referral Network is a triple win for the community for collaboration to meet patient’s needs.
    • Beneficial for patients to have mental health appointments set up shortly after ED discharge.
    • For our staff working in EDs and Hospitals across the Midwest, we have additional community resources and options for our patients. Our staff can match patients to providers based on appointment type, insurance, location, and provider specialties.
  • Clinics and providers will grow their practice by caring for our patients and provide much needed care.

Why join the BHP Referral Network?

How are patients and Providers connected:

  • BHP has invested in technology to make the transition to the next level of care smoother for the patients we care for and for the Providers in our Network.
  • We have 2 different tools a Provider may choose to utilize, based upon preference for direct scheduling (SchedulR) or scheduling by contacting your clinic (Provider Database). These tools are accessed through our web-based system called Care Connect.
  • Click here to learn more about our technology.