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BHP is a fully accredited NCQA Managed Behavioral Health Organization

NCQA Managed Behavioral Healthcare Organization (MBHO) Accreditation demonstrates to health plans, employers, regulators and consumers that an organization follows evidence-based practices for providing high-quality care, access and consumer protections.

  • Care coordination to reduce fragmented care, especially for people with special needs.
  • Complex case management, a challenge for managed care initiatives where complex cases are common.
  • Data exchange between health plans and behavioral healthcare organizations, to support clinical quality and patient experience measurement and improvement by the MBHO.

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Schedule urgent, emergent, and routine appointments at many levels of outpatient care.

The SchedulR® is a secure, web-based application that allows BHP Departments to schedule urgent, emergent, and routine appointments at many levels of outpatient care, including psychiatric, therapeutic, day treatment, chemical dependency assessment, and others.

BHP network providers and programs are able to offer new patient appointments through the SchedulR® free-of-charge and have control over the type, number and duration of appointments offered. The SchedulR® makes the appointment process efficient for all parties, allowing appointments anytime, reducing scheduling barriers and increasing a provider’s new patient base.

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