Connecting Patients with Providers

The SchedulR® is a secure, web-based application that allows the BHP Departments to schedule appointments. These providers offer many levels of outpatient care; including psychiatric, therapeutic, day treatment, chemical dependency assessment, and others.

Providers and programs can offer as many or as few open appointment times as they desire, and also have the ability to remove offered times as needed.

Benefits of SchedulR®

  • Apointments by BHP scheduling staff free of charge
  • Available 24/7 via internet access
  • Eliminates Need for Calls – providers can report attendance outcomes directly in SchedulR®
  • Automatic Notifications – providers & administrative assistants receive email notifications when appointments are scheduled and canceled
  • Appointment Availability – providers can add and remove appointments as needed
  • Accounts Management – accounts can be managed by multiple staff by assigning administrative assistants to accounts

Appointment Criteria

 The SchedulR® allows for providers and programs to specify the type of appointments they can offer, based on several criteria:

  • Appointment Type
  • Patient Demographics
  • Insurance Plans Accepted
  • Clinical Specialties

There are additional sections to specify Scheduling Notes and Patient Instructions. Scheduling Notes provide further guidance to those who are scheduling open appointment times. Patient Instructions are provided to patients when an appointment has been scheduled.


1Can a provider use an appointment offered to BHP on SchedulR®?
Yes. BHP is unable to guarantee that appointments in the SchedulR® will be used, although every effort will be made to do so. Providers are able to delete appointments at any time, provided the appointment has not already been scheduled by BHP and the open time is deleted from the SchedulR®.
2When are good times to offer appointment openings?
Generally morning, evening, and weekend times are requested by patients. We also suggest using times convenient for your schedule, such as a documentation hour and/or end of the day.
3Can providers offer appointments at multiple locations?
Yes. Providers can offer appointments at numerous locations, but each location must be on the Access Request Form, and the provider must be in the BHP network at each location. New clinic locations can be added in the future by submitting an updated Access Request Form.
4What if a provider receives a referral that is not appropriate?
Please contact the person listed in the email notification at the phone number provided, and they will assist you.
5What should I do if I have technical difficulties, or have questions about SchedulR®?
If a password has been forgotten, users are able to click the ‘Forgot Password/Reset Account’ link to reset their password.

Log into SchedulR®


Important Information

BHP network providers and programs may request access for the SchedulR® by completing the Access Request Form located above.

To become a BHP network provider, please review our Network Provider Information.

For more information you may contact us via email at

ARF-Initial User Agreement

DEC User Manual