Let us find the appointment!

Why offer behavioral health scheduling help?
  • Additional wellness resource for employees, dependents, students or patients.
  • Time efficiency – finding an appointment can be difficult and time – consuming!
  • Provides quick access to behavioral health appointments.
BHP Scheduling Provides
  • Access to over 4,500 NCQA credentialed providers & clinics 
  • Over 500 available appointments within 10 Days  
  • Access to providers who work with 130+ specialties
  • Behavioral health screening  
  • Use of BHP’s proprietary scheduling system, SchedulR®
  • Customized appointments with an historical initial appointment attendance ≈ 75% 

How Does it Work?

1Appointment Request
Complete online appointment request.
2Appointment Scheduled
Receive a call within 24 hours to schedule the appointment.
3Appointment Reminder
Receive reminder call for upcoming appointment and post appointment follow - up.
 We let the company know if person was contacted/scheduled.


Important Information

For more information you may contact us  at 763-525-1746, option 6 or via email at marketing@bhpnet.com.