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Available Telemedicine Products

Diagnositc Evaluation Center (DEC)

BHP offers its behavioral crisis assessment services via telemedicine in the following settings:

  • Hospitals
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Schools
How does DEC Telemedicine Work?
  • The patient presents with a behavioral crisis in an Emergency Department
  • The care team identifies a need for a behavioral assessment
  • The Emergency Department connects to DEC via a video/audio connection

Telemedicine is Easy and Convenient

1No New Equipment Needed
Accessing a telemedicine product through BHP requires a hard-wired or wireless internet connection, a computer, a camera and a speaker. In most cases the telemedicine cart is included in the service offering, or the customer already owns acceptable hardware. This means that you oftentimes do not need to buy any new equipment to use the service.
2Timely Access to Care
On average, a clinician meets with your patient within 30 minutes of notification, reducing the wait for care.
3Efficient Use of Your Staff Time
Access to a behavioral professional staff gives your staff members the ability to become more efficient with their time; let us do the work for you!

Important Information

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