Chemical Health

We can help you obtain resources and answer authorization questions for patients you serve. Please read the authorization process information regarding chemical health assessment and treatment services. The chemical health services request form is required to for authorization.


Chemical Health Treatment Access

Chemical Health Treatment Access is one of BHP’s NCQA required clinical activities.

Goal of Chemical Health Treatment Access
  • Increase the likelihood of initiating chemical health treatment
  • Assist member’s in identifying barriers to initiating chemical health treatment
  • Overcoming identified barriers to initiating chemical health treatment
  • Assist in scheduling other behavioral health appointments as identified by patient or chemical health assessment
Eligible members for this service are those who are currently chemically abusive or dependent, recommended and approved for treatment, and have one of the following conditions (although not limited to only these conditions):
  • Medical Issues such as diabetes, hypertension, pregnancy, or seizure disorder
  • A mental health diagnosis or previous mental health services
  • Client has been assessed or received chemical treatment within the last year
  • Other, as defined by Care Management discretion




1Do I need to notify BHP when a patient actually starts in the program?
Yes. On the 1st day of treatment, call or fax BHP’s Care Management department notification of the admission. If you will be providing outpatient services, you must include the number of days per week and hours per treatment session the client will be attending in order for BHP to authorize the correct number of units and time span.
2Do I need to notify BHP when a patient has discharged from treatment?
Yes. Fax a discharge summary to BHP within 1 business day of patient’s discharge. BHP does not require that a specific discharge summary form be utilized.
3What should I do if a client transitions to another service before being discharged?
Contact BHP’s Care Management department by phone to discuss the transition, as additional clinical information may be required.
4What do I do if a client becomes enrolled in a health plan managed by BHP during treatment?
Fax the following information to BHP’s Care Management department. • Chemical Use Assessment • Chemical Use Treatment Authorization Request Form • A copy of the county service agreement if a portion of treatment services were county contracted.


Authorization Process

Chemical Health Services Request Form

Important Information


Substance Use and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

DHS – Chemical Health


For more information, contact Care Management by phone or email.

Phone: 763-486-4445